Adventures In Honoring After The Funeral Home Service

Posted on October 7, 2019 by Loose Funeral Home under funeral homes
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There are plenty of ways to honor your loved one during services at funeral homes in Pendleton, IN, but what about after those things are complete? Does that mean you have to stop the other ideas and just leave their memory behind? Of course not! There are a lot of unique ways you can honor your loved one through a variety of adventures with your family. Here are a few ideas to help you get started:

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Plan A Trip

Did your loved one always want to go on an Alaskan cruise? Could they never get enough of the pictures they took at Disney World when they went a few years ago? Plan a trip with your family in their honor. You could go somewhere they always wanted to go or you could go to one of their favorite places. It will help your family bond into a new group that helps you move forward and it’s a great way to honor and remember your loved one as well.

Host A Tournament

Did your loved one enjoy a certain sport? Bowling, perhaps? Baseball? Soccer? Why not host a tournament in their honor? Teams can gather and have fun in their name with their memory a big part of the event as a whole. It’s a great way to do something they loved and keep their memory alive at the same time while getting some new memories out of the event.

Themes Parties

Once you’ve had your loved one’s final services, that doesn’t mean you have to be done remembering them. Why not have a celebration of life for them as well in the form of a themes party? Did they think Star Wars was the best movie ever? Choose that as your theme. Did they adore cartoons, despite their age? There’s no theme too out there for you to enjoy and the party is a great way to keep their personality alive within your family.

While working with funeral homes in Pendleton, IN is usually somber, you can create unique events filled with memories and adventures to memorialize your loved one later. At Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory, we’re here to help you create the event you truly want for your loved one. If you choose cremation for them, keep in mind that all of our services are all done right here at our funeral home. We are the only funeral home in Madison County with a crematory right here within our central facilities. Give us a call at (765) 649-5255 and let’s get started with some of the basic decisions. Later, we can talk over the adventurous activities you might want to host in the future. We’re located at 200 W 53rd St Anderson, IN 46013 and you’re invited over for a tour and to speak with our funeral director. We just want you to have the chance to honor your loved one in the way you envision. Together, let’s make it special and memorable.

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