Are Cremation Services Better For Today’s World?

Posted on August 10, 2020 by Loose Funeral Home under cremations
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cremation services in Lapel, IN

Having a loved one pass on at any time in the world’s history is difficult. But day, things are really weird. No one can go anywhere and final services are limited to just a few people. Given the climate within society today—everyone staying separated for safety reasons—are cremation services in Lapel, IN the best route to take? While you are absolutely free to choose whatever you feel is best for your loved one, many families have gone with cremation recently because they feel it is in their best interest. Here are a few reasons why:

Their Loved One Is Cared For Right Away

You want the best for your loved one and you want to ensure that they get the care they need, when they need it. Funerals take a bit of time to arrange and you can’t have the normal funeral you would have anyway. That leads some families down the cremation path so their loved one is taken care of in an honorable manner at a fast pace. Once the cremation is complete, the family can take their time figuring out what path to take next.

Services Can Be Put Off

Once cremation is complete, which can happen within a day or two of death once the paperwork is in order, families are able to put the final services off as long as they’d like. Perhaps you really want your whole family to be able to gather and honor your loved one. With cremation, you can do that. Simply hold onto the urn and ashes and arrange a memorial service once things clear off. You can put the services off as long as you want or need to.

cremation services in Lapel, INSeparate Services Are Possible

When you go with traditional burial, there’s generally a burial service after a funeral and sometimes even a visitation. That’s how things operate. With cremation, you can have a memorial service for everyone, or you can have a lot of different memorial services. In today’s world, having separate services is a good idea—and also quite possible. You can either split up the ashes for everyone to have a part of your loved one to honor, or just ask that individual families honor them in their own way, in their own homes. Your loved one may get even more respect than you would have given them at one big service.

There are other reasons why people are going with cremation services in Lapel, IN as the virus runs rampant across the country. If you want to talk about the pros and cons of the options, the professionals at Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory are here for you. Just give us a call and we can go over the details by phone and send you more information on anything you want to hear about. We’re here to ensure that your loved one will be in good hands. We have the only on-site crematory in the county so your loved one comes to us, and stays with us.

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