Discussing Final Wishes And Cremation Services

Posted on October 14, 2019 by Loose Funeral Home under cremations
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Just thinking about losing the most important people in your life can cause you anxiety, but when you get serious about the idea, you know it’s going to happen someday. When you think rationally about it, wouldn’t you rather know their final wishes so you can carry them out? And have them know yours? If you want cremation services in Pendleton, IN, your closest love ones need to know it…and vice versa.

cremation services in Pendleton, IN

Death is something that is inevitable for everyone and there are a lot of choices regarding burial and cremation. It’s hard to know what someone else wanted when they don’t tell you before they pass on. But if you have an open conversation about it not, you can relieve yourself of that stress later. Rather than outright asking your loved one what they want, perhaps you can start by deciding what you want and telling them about your final wishes. That can get them started down the same thought path and they can decide what they want and share it with you as well.

You may not want to have the conversation completely alone because you may not remember everything or perhaps there are other important people you want to include. If you’re talking to your parent, for example, you want your other siblings included. If you’re talking to a spouse, perhaps having grown children in on the conversation is a good idea. It never hurts to have more than one person in on the plans so everyone is on the same page.

Keep in mind that just because you know what you want, doesn’t mean they will or that they will want the same things you do. Keep an open heart to their ideas and reassure them that you will not be upset with whatever they choose, but rather just want to carry out their final wishes in the right manner.

It might also be smart to document your loved one’s final wishes as well as your own. You can either write things down, or make things even more official by contacting a funeral home and making the arrangements in advance. You can pay for those services as well or you can just get the services in place and pay later, whatever you feel is best.

If you’d like help with cremation services in Pendleton, IN, either your own or someone else’s as you work through your final wishes, contact Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory. One of the advantages to using our services is that all of our cremations are all done right here at our funeral home. We are the only funeral home in Madison County with a crematory within our central facilities. We want you to know that upfront so there are no questions about our transparency. You can call us with other questions at (765) 649-5255 and we’ll answer them as best we can or set you up with at time to come in for a tour. We’re located at 200 W 53rd St Anderson, IN 46013.

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