Flowers To Send To The Funeral Home

Posted on October 26, 2020 by Loose Funeral Home under funeral homes
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funeral homes in Frankton, IN

Flowers are the most popular gift to send to funeral homes in Frankton, IN, and with good reason. They are a traditional way to honor someone and show your respects as well as supporting a person who is grieving. Floral arrangements are an accepted, universal way to show your sympathy to the bereaved. But there are different flowers that work well to convey certain messages. You will want to ensure that you choose something beautiful, but not overly scented so it doesn’t overwhelm the room. Flowers can serve to decorate the services, but they can also send other messages. Here are a few of the most popular flowers to send to a funeral home.


Including lilies in an arrangement is one of the most popular flowers to send. These flowers show purity and innocence toward a departed individual. They offer sympathy and are beautiful with lots of different flowers. They are the go-to flower for funerals. They will always fit in and be appreciated. But there are other options to include with them or instead of them if you want something more unique.


Roses are the most popular flowers in the world, and they can convey a number of messages depending on their colors. White roses are popular for funerals since they show strength, purity, and honor. Red roses help to show love, respect, and sympathy. Yellow is a great option for a friend to show strong bonds and ties. And pink roses signify a thankful spirit to the person who passed away. Roses are lovely on their own, but can also be combined with other flowers in an arrangement for an even stronger appearance and message.


Orchids are lovely and show your eternal love for someone. Whatever color you choose will tell the person who is grieving, or the loved one who passed away that you love them both now and forever. They can also show sympathy and compassion to bereaved friends. Putting the two colors together is a nice way to showcase mourning and grief, too.


Carnations also come in a variety of colors, each that have their own meaning. They are another traditional funeral flower that look wonderful in a funeral wreath or standing spray combined with other options. They can show admiration, honor, remembrance, and other such important things.

funeral homes in Frankton, IN

There are plenty of options for flowers to send when you want to show sympathy and honor to people attending services at funeral homes in Frankton, IN. Consider the person who passed away and the family involved. Do they have favorites? There’s nothing wrong with going with popular funeral flower choices. If you have questions about what you might want to send, the professionals at Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory can offer suggestions or refer you to flower arrangements specialists to create something fitting for your circumstances. We’re here to create final services, but we also want to support those who are surrounding the bereaved in grief and compassion at all times.

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