Making Cremation Services Special With Photos

Posted on May 25, 2020 by Loose Funeral Home under cremations
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When you decide to have cremation services in Pendleton, IN for a loved one who passed on, there are a variety of things you can do to make their services special and unique. One of the most personal things you can do is have photos of that person available for those in attendance to see them as they were, perhaps at many stages in their life. If you want to create something truly memorable, here are a few ideas.

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Photo Boards

You can take as many photos as you want and fasten them to photo boards to display around the funeral home room you are using. You can place family photos, awards, pictures of just the individual, and many other varieties on these boards. They are nice for the service itself, but it’s also nice for family to take home for their own memories later on. You can put together displays yourself and also tell family they can contribute with their own. Everyone will have different pictures and memories, after all.


You can have a slideshow of photos at the service, too, or instead of the photo boards. This slideshow can run at all times during the service, kind of in the background. Or you can put music, videos, and quotes into it and play it as a part of the service for everyone to view at once. It’s a nice idea to make copies of that DVD to pass out to others who might want it for a keepsake at the end of the service.

Share Photo Albums

If you’ve kept up with printing out pictures and putting them into books, or you have some older ones that feature your loved one in great detail, bring them to the service and let people look over them as they sign the guest book or mill around and wait for the service to begin. It can help people remember the good times your loved one had during their life and can also give those in attendance a sense of closure over that life.

Memorial Cards

Many funerals have bulletins that showcase the order of events as well as a nice photo of the individual who passed on and details about them. You can do something similar for a cremation or even create a smaller memorial card that has a photo with information about the persons’ life on the other side. These are nice things to let people take with them to place in their homes and remember the person who passed on in the future.

Photos are often the most treasured thing you have of a loved one who has passed on. They can remind you of the memories and bring up the good times you had with that person. They are often key to having cremation services in Pendleton, IN that feel special and personal. The professionals at Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory can offer you more photo-related ideas for the services you want to have for your loved one.

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