Should You Have A Memorial After Cremation Services?

Posted on October 12, 2020 by Loose Funeral Home under cremations
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cremation services in Markelville, IN

When you have a funeral service for a loved one, that includes a visitation, a funeral, and a burial ceremony. But when you have cremation services in Markelville, IN, the options are more open. You are welcome to have a memorial service, or you can just have an ash scattering. You can also do nothing at all if you feel that is the best for your family or what your loved one would have wanted. But if you are trying to decide if you want to have a memorial service or not, here are a few of the benefits that could help you make the decision towards having a service of some kind.

Honor Your Loved One

Even if you don’t feel like you need a service in order to get closure or say goodbye, having a service is a wonderful way to honor your loved one. You don’t have to have something large or somber that feels like a funeral. You can even do something small and simple like meet family at a restaurant for a meal or go to a park and share stories about your loved one. Think about what your loved one would appreciate and ways people around you can show their respects to them in a unique way.

Garner Support

IT’s hard to go through the grieving process and if you feel like you need support along the way, you’re not alone. And you shouldn’t be alone. Having a memorial service is an easy way to gather your family members and friends in one spot in order to support one another. You will get the hugs and kind words you need and so will they. It’s a good reminder to you and to everyone else that no one has to be alone through this.

Say Goodbye And Get Closure

Memorial services are a good place to get closure over the death of a loved one and to say that final goodbye to them in whatever way you see fit. You might get closure through scattering ashes, telling stories, burying remains, or just seeing pictures and talking with loved ones. Whatever you want to do can be done and it may just be a way for you, or others in your family, to get the closure and say goodbye so it’s easier to move ahead.

cremation services in Markelville, IN

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to holding a memorial service after cremation services in Markelville, IN. Talk to your family members and see what they feel the right path is for your loved one, them, and everyone else included in the process. Whether you know what you want to do memorial-wise yet or not, the professionals at Loose Funeral Homes & Crematory can help you move forward with the cremation process. Once the cremation is complete, you can take your time in organizing or thinking about a memorial service. The timeline disappears and you have whatever you need to think things through thoroughly.

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