What Not To Do After Pet Cremation Services

Posted on August 12, 2019 by Loose Funeral Home under cremations
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When a family pet dies, it can be a big hit. You might feel emotional and it can be hard to help children deal with the loss as well. If you have cremation services in Lapel, IN for your pet, you can then lay them to rest in a number of ways. While there are lots of things you might want to do, here are a few things to avoid doing so you don’t make the situation worse than it already is:

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Invalidate The Loss

Pets mean different things to different people, but if your pet was truly a member of your family, everyone will feel the loss. You don’t want to attempt to brush it off and just move on. You also don’t want to tell your children to do as much. Give the loss validity and acknowledge that there’s a hole in everyone’s life that used to be filled by that pet. Allow your family members to grieve in their own ways and consider having a family gathering to commemorate your pet and give everyone the chance to voice their feelings and say goodbye.


Get Another Pet Immediately

While your life might feel more empty without a dog or cat in it, it’s best to let the dust settle from one pet to another. You want to honor the pet you had in your life for so many years and enjoy memories about them. It’s not good for you, or a new pet coming in, if your emotions are still raw over the last pet. Give yourself a few months or however long you need to get into a new routine. Introduce a new pet once you are comfortable with the loss and ready to love another animal, welcoming it into your family just as you did your last pet.


Forget About Grieving

People understand when you cry over the loss of a loved one, but not everyone will be as open to your grief over a pet. That doesn’t mean you should hold it all in and avoid tears and emotions. Take a personal day from work, if you feel you should, and give yourself some time alone or extra time with your family to support one another. Allow the feelings and emotions to flow so you are able to move on in a healthy manner.


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